Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Killer Chicken- Its whats for dinner.

Tonight my mind was telling me YOU ARE HUNGRY!! EAT ICECREAM! And then I asked myself- would I eat veggies ? No, you are not hungry. You are bored.

For dinner, my husband and I were running late from work so we ate some left over chicken from KFC. I should have had some veggies (and some properly aka primal cooked chicken) , but after a two small pieces of chicken I was totally full.

Unfortunately I didn't work out again today. I did manage to step outside my office for a small break and walk around in the sun.

Information on my go-to Snack

Not to make excuses... but I am new at this. So here is the nitty gritty on my snack. The good and the bad.

+ Almonds

I bought mine commercially made (meaning high sugar and chemicals) I will make dried fruit soon, but for now all I can say is... I'm trying!!!

+ Dried Pineapple (not a lot in the mix- due to high sugar content)
+ Dried Raisins (too many in the mix... as learned.)
+ Dried Cranberries (fresh not dried link information)


Yesterday I did not crave a single post-dinner snack. Yeah! My husband loved dinner and my portions were small and filling.

Today: Breakfast got skipped! :( Not good. But I did have a backup plan awaiting me at my office: organic almond butter and fuji apples.

I have been eating this snack on and off for months. Here is a google find to show you:

Before I eat I am going to drink some more water and then later have my coffee with cream and stevia.