Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Fashion and Fitness...

A few years back my grandmother took me to downtown Indi and she was especially proud of showing me two things. One- the beautiful war memorial. The other was the canals which she walked everyday during lunch. As we walked around that day I noticed a LOT of women on their lunch breaks fully dressed in power suits, nylons and oh yah- running shoes. Not an attractive look by any means.

I am no Cher from Clueless, but I couldn't help but want to do an extreme makeover.

But here I am years later with the same dilema. I don't have the time during my breaks to change outfits entirely. The least I can do is change my shoes so I can power walk in the sun with a little bit of style.

So, I just bought these...

Who knew? Online is not always the better deal- $80. Marshalls $35. (Sweet!) And they are husband approved! He said Saucony is a great brand for running shoes.

So heres to power-walking in nylons and running shoes! (Oh the tragedy.)

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