Monday, November 14, 2011

Walk don't run...

So I didn't actually run. I was open about whether it was to be a run or walk today. The point was to just get out of my house and not sit on the couch! So I guess that milestone was reached today! The entire time my left leg was on the verge of cramping. I stopped a sec to stretch and that helped out. Muse was on the entire time and I tracked my route on an app called LogYourRun. Its the free version which is alright. There are probably much more useful ones but for now- this one worked fine.

Distance: .71 miles
Time: 13:32 minutes

I refused to look at the app until I was done, but I really thought it was over 1 mile which means I need to find a new route tomorrow.

Maybe walking wasn't such a bad idea...

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