Wednesday, November 16, 2011

post fast changes

Today I already had some Greek Yogurt since I didn't remember it was fast. Oops. Then I had my go-to snack and I am on my way out to grab some goodies that should hopefully fall in line with the Primal plan.

I found this site which talk about the Eastern Orthodox Christian Fast and Primal. Great links to another like-minded real food eater who went on to talk about raw food.

The main thing that is perhaps different than primal is that she consumes much more fruit than meat. But again, this falls in line with the fast with very minimal changes needed.

The other point I see so far on the primal site and forum is to consider fats and protein.

So what are good sources of fat? Well that depends on who you ask. Over at primal you see things that make it onto the bad list on other sites. Truth be told, I think that the fashionable sites are off. They want you to consume "low fat/ non fat/ no sugar, etc..." items but fail to show you that they are stuffed with chemicals as well as sugar and salt.

Here is my crossed off list.

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